National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

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National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)


Our service is an Approved Provider of the NDIS (Provider Registration number 4050018709). We believe in an inclusive community participation in all areas of life and support our client to access community activities using a person centred approach. We understand the uniqueness of every individual and are committed to providing services based on your preferences, likes and choice.
We provide home based care as well as on-site programs. Please visit the NDIS portal access checker to review appropriate assistance you or a loved one may be eligible for. Our approved support services are listed below:

Innovative Community Participation Program

Behaviour support

Early childhood support

Assist-life stage transition

Therapeutic supports

Support coordination

Our clients are strengthened to accept and live with loss and are able to rise above this to find personal solutions to engage in life gain.

Palliative Care:

Following the principle of ‘listen, acknowledge, respond’ we work with families and individual to address the mental health concern of those living with advanced chronic and terminal illnesses by addressing their psychosocial challenges. Activating appropriate care early in patient disease trajectory has been hypothesized to improve patient outcomes, and promote mental wellbeing of families and care givers. Our counsellor will work with you to understand these life changes you are experiencing.

Clinical Supervision:

Our clinical supervision service provides you with a safe and confidential environment to critically reflect on your professional practice with no conflict of interest with our staff. Trust, confidentiality and professional development are at the core of our supervision service. Our clinical staff will provide you with a constructive feedback, support you and empathise with your challenges. Enjoy a relaxed and professional reflection, away from interruption with our motivational staff.

Employee Assisted Program for Businesses:

Our build-to-suit EAP service understands the challenges small business owners face in the commencement stage of their business. Our inclusive employee assistance, psychological health and wellbeing service extends to employees and families. We provide affordable and special packages for whatever stage of growth your business is (small, medium, large).

Why use us:

  • Onsite interventions deployment for critical incident management
  • Psychological first aid and trauma support counselling in post disaster scene
  • Affordable pricing package or pay per employee
  • Meaningful information
  • Online, telephone, face-to-face

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  • Level 2, 307 Peachy Road, Munno Para
  • 0413 209 033

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